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Rabindranath Never Ate Here

A Best Selling Thriller from Bangladesh

Love & Betrayal - At the Click of Love

Can She get him back ? Does life gives a second chance.

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Intellectual Property licensing is an unique way to market your product. It offers real engagement with your customer tapping their love for literature, art and other contents. 

We represent hand picked IP owners from diverse range of creative fiends and help you to decide opportunity of collaboration. 

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We offer one stop solution for Legal protection of your creation. 

  • Copyright Registration for your films, literary works, music and artworks
  • Trademark for your brands and slogan. 
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We design unique events to promote creative work. 

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By the Shores of Tungabhadra

Is a story about the invincible Vijayanagara empire  in the 14th century. The tale begins with a fleet traveling to the kingdom of Vijayanagara. The fleet bears on it two princesses, one of whom is about to be married to the king of Vijayanagara to strengthen a bond of strategic convenience, along with the wedding party. 

Rest is a gripping tale of Love and Politics. 

Disclaimer : This is a sample work based on Fair Use doctrine, hence we do not clime any copyright over the original work. 


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