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KiKaa Book cover

Ka-Kaa: The Shaman Trials

 "Go back in time when justice was bought by putting bullets into heads, when the judge, law and executioner was one person, when the good old west wild and virile was in peril of becoming a waste land… …spirits are wandering, feeding on souls and hopes of the free world is in pits of darkness because for the first time, justice cannot be obtained by bullets or dynamites. The white men have met their nemesis, and no amount of praying, exorcising or usage of weapons is helping. With their pride shattered, they seek help from the natives who seem to understand what’s really happening. One man comes forward to help them but for a price. This story accounts the adventures and travels of a shaman in a spirit infested wild wild west. It is a Doujinshi Manga! " 

The Ashoka Trilogy- Prince of Patliputra

Thriller, History, Drama, Romance 

At the click of Love

Romance, Drama, Thriller 

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Rakshak-Hero Among Us.

How a common man become a super power against Evil. 

Devi Chowdhurani

A retelling story in graphic novel based on Bamkim Chanda Chatapadya's timeless creation 

Rabindranath Never Ate Here-Bengali

Story of a Restaurant serving tasty food which is popular so widely. A Detective came to investigate the matter of disappearance of few people who was last seen in the Restaurant. 

Know more about this Best Seller Bangladeshi Thriller. 

Nishimia- Bengali

Nishimia is a Tantrik Superhuman who has pledged his own life to save Humanity from the Black Magic of Demon God 'Kharu'. 

A Book from the Valley of Fire- Agun Paharer Puthi( Bengali)

An  journey full of adventurer in the Himalayas for recovering the lost Manuscript with ancient text. 

A Bengali Best Selling Thriller.