BOOM-Magic Pencil Returns (Shaka Laka)

In the era when fairy-tales and magic was all up in the television, a very popular children show made up its place in the people’s heart. Shaka Laka Boom Boom was Indian based television with main character starring Kinshuk Vaidya as Sanju. The show focused on the main character Sanju who bought things to life by drawing them through his magic pencil.  It was initially aired on DD national but soon it gained its immense popularity.  DK films web series BOOM is on their YouTube channel  with all the magnificent sci-fi effects and an intense war between the hero and the villain. The story revolves around the boy who is unaware about his and pencil’s power.

The main highlight of the story would be that how unknowingly the boy will lead to destruction with his magical pencil. A very promising out by the DK films associations. Unlike previous series, the movie is based on serious consequences and fights. 

Pilot Episode- best fictional characters

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Shaka Laka Boom Trailer

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Ashoka (Prince of Patliputra)

Ashoka is not just a fictional character but a Historical One.  But for the first time in Indian Fictional History someone dares to draw this character which has first appeared in Ashoka Trilogy's first book Prince of Patliputra, Ashoka will return soon in Second and Third installment of the series. 

Mushkaan Zuberi ( Rabindranath never Ate Here)

 Muskaan Zuberi from the Best Selling Bangladeshi Thriller "Rabindranath Ekhane Kokhono Khete Asenni" 

She is fierce, Entrepreneurial and known for her wit and charm. Her sex appeal is her weapon.

She is a fantastic Cook and inventor of secret cooking ingredients which can spice up her special dish in her own restaurant.  

Lil Girl Blues

 Lil Girl Blues (LGB) is a club drawn together by their passion for social media, chatting and tweeting about fashion, music and boys. Anyone can join the chat club with one exception, each member needs to be armed with a trusty smart phone ready to text or tweet their latest experience and adventure.   The chat club is made up of teenagers & tweeners (twenty somethings) who have an opinion on just about anything from the latest fad diet to what makes a good smoothie. Lil Girl Blues members are peppered across the globe and technology plays a big part in their lives and in staying connected. 


Rakshak(one among other fictional characters) is a vigilante sans superpowers who was first appeared in the Yali Dream Creation's comic series with the same title.

Losing his loved ones to an inhuman act of violence, retired Army Captain Aditya Shergill takes it upon himself to become a vigilante and fight crime as ‘Rakshak’ The Protector. With the rise of Rakshak and his brand of justice and vigilantism it creates a domino effect on the society. Common folk finds in themselves the courage to stand against atrocities committed by criminals and powers that be. Rakshak Chronicles explores four such stories, two being people close to his life and mission while the other two from different strata of society, their lives inevitably taking a turn inspired by the vigilantism of Rakshak. Four stories back to back drive the Saga of Rakshak to its finale unlike other cartoon characters.


This epic character was first appeared in Bamkim Chanda Chattapadhya's epic 18th century's famous Bengali Novel. Now adapted by YALI DREAM CREATIONS to retelling the story and and with complete make over for the protagonist. 

This is a story of a young girl and her jouney of becoming a warrior named DEVI CHAUDHURANI. Prafulla is a young girl whose destiny seems to have only bad news for her. On the day of her wedding, her father and father-in-law have an ugly spat. Angered, the father-in-law shuns her, and this leaves her father heartbroken that his daughter is left without a husband. His hands tied by Hindu society’s edict against divorce and remarriage, Prafulla’s father dies, leaving his family without any money.    


  Taranath Tantrik (TnT), is a reluctant psychic investigator with a dark and dubious past, he was first introduced by eminent bengali writer  Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay and later on Shamik Dasgupta has adapted this timeless classic character for his Graphic Novel CITY OF SORROWS, in present time TNT leads a quiet life somewhere in the urban hustle of Kolkata. He his young friends, CID officer Shankar, and aspiring horror novelist Vibhuti, crack a case of maniac outbursts in the city's subway metro commute. 

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