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The Prince of Patliputra (Asoka trilogy, #1)

by Shreyas Bhave 

Rating details ·  98 Ratings  ·  31 Reviews

272 BC, Bharathvarsha, Land of the Aryas....
Samrat Bindusar, son of Chandragupta and the second Samrat Chakravartin of all the Aryas rules over the massive subcontinent from his holy seat in Patliputra. Almost five decades ago, his father had laid the foundations of this vast Samrajya guided by the famed Guru Arya Chanakya. But now, the wealth and glory of the past has subsided...
As the Samrat’s health continues to decline due to an unknown illness, problems are arising all over his realm. There is infighting and rebellion. No clear successor to him is present. Ninety nine of his sons stand in line waiting for his throne...
Bharathvarsha needs a Chandragupta once again. And it needs a Chanakya too. Can the young Prince Asoka, who is the least favorite son of the Samrat, fill in the boots of his grandfather? Can Radhagupta, a mere Councilor of the Court be what Chanakya was to all the Aryas?
Begin a new adventure with the first book of the Asoka trilogy as you read to find the answer to one great question-

'That who shall be the next Samrat of this holy land of the Aryas? 

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Fakirnama (Bengali)

By Surojit Sen

Fakirnama begins as an innocuous travelogue, but the reader soon becomes aware

that it is a travelogue with a bias, a bias in favor of the non-institutional marfati fakirs.

The book brings to the world an account of the experiences of the ordinary practitioners.

The fakirs are the poor inhabiting all parts of rural Bengal. Poor they are only

materially, but philosophically, they are extremely rich. They are people who beg but are

not beggars. These fakirs of Bengal have a very different take on the Quran, believing

that one should know one’s body thoroughly, because that is where Allah resides, in

every human being, and not in mosques. Devotional songs are their ways of attaining

Allah. Their beliefs and practices make them very vulnerable to threats and tortures

from institutional Islam. Yet, their zest for life is indomitable, and they find happiness in

their marginal lives in the society. They keep faith in conquering the hearts of people by

love, not war, and that is how, they say, will you realize Allah in yourself. Fakirnama

explores this other domain of Islam through numerous stories, songs and accounts of

real life experiences.

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At The Click of Love

by Preeti Parashar 4.5  ·  Rating details ·  2 Ratings  ·  1 Review

@The Click of Love is the sublime and intense love story of the ravishing Diane Dupont, an accomplished French photographer and Viren Kapur, the award-winning luminary of Indian photography. It is a story of their undying love, a love that stands the tests of life and triumphs despite a kidnapping, a legal imbroglio and a near-death experience for Diane! It is a journey of their love - A love like no other!  

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