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"History is written by victors"  - Winston S. Churchill 

What if they do not want to?

The great native Indian tribe of Americana was thriving and flourishing before the white man set his foot on the land. There were tribes , nations and empires of native tribes. Great cities of Mayan and Aztec were the proof of that. But at one point of history everything changed.

Suddenly cities fell and nations dissolved, they were reduced to mere villages and towns. They had their final blow when white man used gunpowder and backstabbing tactics.

There was a void in the native songs as to what happened to the once great warriors and nations. A void purposefully not filled in. Victors of the great spirit wars intentionally excluded that part from history so hide an evil force so great even after it was defeated it was feared enough not be mentioned in their war songs.

Winters passed by and decades passed by now that is all a forgotten past.... white man came and the age of wild wild west began. Gun slinging cowboys are on a rage and are conquering the wild undomesticated lands of Americana from the now weakened native tribes.

But in the midst of all this the newly formed frontier towns were being attacked. Not one not a dozen the whole town is being killed in a matter of minutes. The white man at last was being humbled by a force not even the mighty gunpowder can domesticate. With tails between their legs they sought help from the native tribes to join forces to defeat this new enemy.

All but one shaman comes forward to help but of course with a hefty price tag. 

Will the shaman succeed? Who is killing ? After ages why did the spirits come back ?

Welcome to India's first Manga graphic novel Kakaa

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